Diversity and Inclusion

Our Californian diversity is reflected in our CLWS team.  We recruit directly from the communities where we work and drive inclusion from the rig floor to the management suite.

Inclusion of Disadvantaged Workers

The majority of Legacy’s project experience is in disadvantaged communities designated under SB 535.

We actively recruit in those communities to ensure inclusion and long-term shared prosperity from these projects.  Each new project staffing plan includes active recruitment from the nearest SB 535 Census tracts.

Job Quality

Inclusion programs must be paired with quality jobs that support families and expand opportunity.

We design positions that meet those best practices for job quality, so they want to stay and grow with our team. 

Contracting Strategy

Our team is working on the front line and faces new challenges with each project.  Not only do we foster lines of communication to understand those challenges, but we also emphasize solutions from the front line.

Whether it’s health and safety, more efficient processes, or workforce development opportunities, we amplify worker voice so we all continually improve.

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