Career Pathways

We’re committed to quality jobs with competitive wages, benefits, and retention. Investment in our team demonstrates that commitment.  Our training and development programs continually advance skills and expand opportunities through achievable career ladders.


We nurture potential and reward performance through pipeline programs and career ladders.  There is equal access with Legacy for anyone who wants to develop their skills and pursue the associated benefits as they are acquired.  This includes pre-apprenticeship pipelines and established apprenticeship programs.


Through successful project performance, we create jobs ranging from craft, technical, to leadership roles. The diversity of positions at Legacy generates opportunity for all types of experience and educational backgrounds to grow with us.


We recognize abandonment and remediation projects are the natural end of a well’s life cycle.  With these projects, Legacy has the opportunity to help recruit and transition workers impacted by industry changes.

We provide the chance to leverage existing skills developed from supporting production to continue a prosperous career.

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