Environmental Remediation

A century’s worth of industry has created impacts beyond the well.  Effective environmental restoration for the community’s benefit requires soil remediation, recycling materials, safe disposal of hazardous materials, and other specialized services.  Legacy delivers these comprehensive services to clients through our internal capabilities and contractor relationships in the communities we serve.   

Fleet Capability

Unlike other well-service companies, we know your well abandonment projects normally come with surface facilities that need to be included in scope.

We come to the table with in-house heavy equipment and operators ready to minimize subcontracting costs and accelerate timelines to remediate surface facilities. 

Site to Solution

Our team has worked along the entire value chain for abandonment and remediation projects in California.  Our contract licensing and certifications, including Hazardous Substance Removal, allow us to take ownership of solutions.

The compliance requirements CEQA, emissions and water monitoring, hazardous waste transportation, and regulatory reporting are integrated into our workflow ensuring compliance on all our projects.

Achieving End State Vision

Achieving equity for communities as an outcome of our environmental projects requires us meeting the client’s End State Vision.

We align our team and partners around that vision to understand why we do this for the generations to come.   

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